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Book Five: Spirit of the Otherworld NOW AVAILABLE!

binary options Spirit of the Otherworld concludes the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series with further adventure and magical mayhem. The Freak Squad gets split up and goes on some fun albeit unbelievable adventures, all scrambling to decipher Cullen’s trust and figure out how to defeat the evil witch Fiana. First, if they can't get Rowan out of Cullen in time, they might both be destroyed.

Introducing FREE моды на факторио podcasted fiction! Follow this link or subscribe in iTunes for the Rowan of the Wood serialized audiobook podcast. Soon to be available for purchase in audiobook format via CD and MP3-filled flash drives.

FREE STORIES~ On both Christine & Ethan's Blog, find free short stories by the authors. The first Rowan of the Wood-based short story "Fiana Comes Down" is now live on Ethan's blog.

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binary trade options Wondering which publishing avenue to take? NY Big Boy? Indie Press? Self-Publish? Check out Christine's book Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author.